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In December 2012, the 25th anniversary of the "Church of the Path®", led by Austin, Texas, was celebrated by Dr. Albert Gani and a group of friends from McCullen, Texas. The founders of the new church were seeking the preposterous teaching of a false allegory, or the threat of hell and curses, or a positive thinker. They wanted a place to find a real self-renewal, a real spiritual renewal, and a place to find their own spirit.

Established in 1986


The Church of the Path® is a non-sectarian church in Austin, Texas. Dell believes that you create your own Reality®, and find the causes and solutions of problems, pain, or life fighting within you. This is a challenge in life. overcome our suffering through inner understanding and change

Reverend Colin Gani has led a church on this road since 2018. They inherit, teach, lecture, and teach the teachings of the Church over 30 years, and teach and guide people the application of spiritual materials in order to discover the depth and meaning of their lives.

Reverend Corrin G.