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I'm looking forward to connecting you! If you're looking for a house, please make it part of all the events that are happening at the Turunese Church. Whether you live nearby or choose to participate on line, we welcome you. Today, our prayers that connect with us meet the wonderful grace and love of God, your faith is strengthened, and you find hope no matter what experience you have. And always remember. You were created to belong to the communities of the people who believe you. And here's a place for you.

Established in 2018


Build an environment for discipline, guidance and partnership. so that they may remove their leadership from their adherents, and turn them into the heads of their kingdoms and agents of change.

We believe in the Bible, the Spirit fulfills the Church, we love and encourage, and we build faith and hope in our lives. In January 2018, our baby and I almost burned down in a fire that could cause nearly 30 households to lose their homes. In the fire God gave us peace and hope. A week after that fire, we got all the things we had lost in three fires. God sent a God who was afraid of people in our lives, and restored and strengthened our faith. It is because of the disaster that God brought us into the priesthood. We have dedicated our lives to those who are on the verge of committing, by encouraging them, and by serving God. He was diagnosed with terminal illness, lost his loved one, struggled with depression, and his identity is unknown. I want to give you the same word that God gave me in the fire. #34;For 30 years, what you want is given in a week. #34; I don't know you, but I want to know what you're going through.

Roland F.
business owner