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Bird Davis, Arden and LLP were established to represent the injured customers. We have a history of close relationships with our customers, with significant rewards for our customers. From the latter half of the 1950s to the early 1960s, few national companies were able to handle product responsibility, aviation, and complex medical lawsuits, and we were at the forefront to develop the Personal Injury Act. In our history, lawyers successfully presented injured plaintiffs to the United States, foreign companies, and most of the major aircraft and helicopter manufacturers in the world. The company has recovered victims of misconduct by the government, local governments, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Established in 1959


Since its establishment in 1959, private injury lawyers have fought in court for trial. Bird Davis, Arden and LLP is the plaintiff's oldest injunction office in Austin, Texas. Established in 1959, the company has a reputation for handling important cases. They are experienced as professional lawyers in and out of court. A Board Certified Attorney for Trials and Personal Injury who provides service to customers with integrity, integrity and excellence.

Why choose us?

We' is the oldest plaintiff in the town. Injury law office. In 1959.

We are the best lawyers and we have the trust of our colleagues. Dell's attorneys are listed on the Super Attorneys, Best Attorneys, Best Law Farms, and the Attorney's Register of Famous Attorneys.

Receive top reviews and gain customer trust.

Experience and funding for difficult cases such as airplane accidents, complex industrial accidents, and product liability claims.

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Kevin Henrixon and his great assistant, Susie Ramírez, were great to help me address the allegations of a car accident.  Kevin was very helpful to respond quickly and professionally to any request by phone or email, to answer all my questions and to explain the legal process.  I felt like he was on my side and I was grateful that he paid my attention.

Bird, Davis, Ferman & amp; Arden was recommended by a friend, and I was very grateful and consulted them after the accident.  Kevin showed deep sympathy for me and the situation and fought hard to find the right point in my case with the insurance company.  I don't think Kevin had the ability to accomplish what he did for me.  He worked as promised, met my schedule and needs, and enjoyed working together.  He and Susie are highly encouraged to collaborate on a great team and look for great human expressions.

Thank you for Kevin for everything you've done for me and for his wonderful advice on the way!

01/04/2021 09:38pm