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We started and developed to actively defend and support people involved in the criminal justice system. It's our mission to find the best solution to the case...And do it in a cost-effective way as much as possible. We are proud to work every day for the mission.

Established in 1989


We are an Austin criminal defense team providing Austin's release service and legal representation for all types of criminal cases. DWI, theft, possession of marijuana, assault, possession of controlled material, family violence, DWLI, etc. You can also erase your previous beliefs from your records. Immediate prison assistance is available 24x7. I'd like a free consultation.

Graduate School - SMU
Law School
Ardent climbers and sports fans
It is now the highest mountain in the world; #39;7 Continent.

David C.
business owner





I Chambers; has been adopted. Last year, I went out with people involved in legal issues and exceeded my expectations.  I worked with Ross  (about a year) And he went up and down and down to get everything right from the beginning to the end.  Since then, I've introduced one of the people who's now helping me and sent out people who I think must have the same great service I've received.  Thank you again!

12/28/2020 09:08pm



Why can't you get less than one star? I've called this office several times since about 10:00 in the morning and left a message, but I haven't heard from you yet! It's Sunday, and I know it's not normal business hours, but "You've got 24-hour support, so if we leave a message, say that you'll call us back soon." Right away? ???Wait for more than six hours! Wait! Wow. Time to find another law firm and bail. I really wanted to use this office, but I don't wait anymore because I read it well. Chambers & My friend!

12/30/2020 06:31am



The worst thing about living in Austin is that cheap drinks are always flowing everywhere. Why are you so bad? If there is no cheap and easy way to get home for 10 miles, I begin to wonder if I will risk going home. Drinking can make bad decisions. In my case, I sometimes make a mistake on my way home, which was very expensive. In my case, I was caught. Austin is ruthless in his drunken driving plans, my advice. ... Stop it. It's not worth it, take a 60-dollar taxi or take a Uber.  Don't worry that if you choose something as stupid as me, you'll be caught by the best of Austin. We are accused of sin, sin, and crime. In that case, you will need the best lawyer.

Give David Chambers and his team the best words I can say. Manda was probably the most helpful and kind person. The cost of their service at this point seems like stealing, but at first I felt many. However, it is easy to digest because it breaks up almost any time you want it. Ross and his court team were very talkative, working according to my schedule and never giving up hope. In any case, even when my family didn't do that, the people in that office listened to you and gave you as much advice as possible. When he had gained his confidence, he thought he had the best confidence, and he hugged his value once and said he didn't have to use it again.

I know who I will call when I am in trouble with something else.

12/25/2020 06:44am



This company is excellent. He took a reckless driving, saving $3,000 and time in prison. My case went over two years to be resolved, and at last I had a great success and ended it. I will definitely recommend this law office to anyone. Ron, Ross, David and other teams thank you!

01/02/2021 07:00pm



After this review was posted, I received an email from my business that reviewed my case and apologized. They helped me to help with the case of dismissal which was completely revoked from my record and gave me a discount on the charges. I received direct contact from David Chambers.

This offer will not change your experience, but I will go cancel to give you the opportunity again. I hope that my experience will be one-time only and that my customer's handling and reliability will be improved seriously.

In the future, if I can move forward, it will be updated.

01/01/2021 09:26am



He was dismissed from my case, handling it until the chief and the staff fired everything about my case. They work seriously in my case. I recommend calling them and calling them for any type of defense. They are very good and professional teams.

01/03/2021 08:30am



David Chambers could drop my case! I did it. I am very grateful to him for his efforts and for his "tugging" magic. In the end, it is worth a clean record.

5 Not because of four stars. I had no chance to meet him again and again for reasons beyond his control. Also, for more than a year, it was said that he had been reset on a court date, and he had to appear in court every time. Of course, this is only a minor drawback to dismissal.

I can say in my book that anyone who can work hard or can work for a customer is good. At least I recommend sitting with David Chambers and listening to his story. He is a good man.

12/31/2020 04:42am