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Dang Law Group is Dang Law Group, headquartered in Austin, Texas, successfully defended personal injuries, immigration issues, bankruptcy issues and DWIs to hundreds of customers. Dell's experienced attorneys and Paralegal teams have the ability to take on the most complex cases and achieve the best possible results.

Loc Dang is the founder and management partner of PLLC, Dang Law Group, headquartered in Austin, Texas. He has years of experience and works hard while representing his customers. Utilizing the highest ethical and professional standards, Loc is known to actively protect the rights of customers to ensure that the most likely success is achieved. His company is dedicated to personal injury problems and others &A;#39; eagerly represent those who have been unfairly injured by someone's negligence. The company also has a rich knowledge of immigration and bankruptcy, and has experienced lawyers and jury members who can handle the most complex cases.

Loc T. D.
business owner