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Sehavela Espanol Michael Ponder se sathelio de la Universidad de Tulane en 1998 con una diproma en Espanol.2003, Con un Doctorado an Julisprudencia University, Magna Cam Laude la Universidad de de de Southern Ro Center. 2003-2005 Lugo Pratika Rigasion Civil Code. Trabajar en el campo de Inmigracion en 2005, y ha tenido el placer de ayudar a cientos de inmigrantes consiguen visas, Residencia y ciudanía. Adimas de Travaho con los Crientes, El Senor, Ponder Tambien Aboga Pol Los Imigrantes, are the Travis del Travaho bontario. Michael Ponder graduated from the University of Turin in 1998 in B.A. Spanish. In 2003, he graduated from Magna at the South University Law Center and earned his PhD in Juris. After that, civil suits were filed from 2003 to 2005. He started working at the Immigration Office in 2005 and has the pleasure of helping hundreds of migrants to live and have citizenship. Ponder also supports immigrants through volunteer activities with charity groups.

Established in 2005


Abogad de Immaigration

Ponder has been practicing immigration since 2005 in Austin, Texas.

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I was very glad that Michael became a lawyer. He was very useful and learned. He is familiar with the conditions and requirements of his customers. He guided us through the immigration process. He is a good listener and easy to speak. My case was approved and I was happy to get his job.

01/04/2021 08:52pm