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We are led by three lawyers (Robert Lee, Kenneth's "Tray" Gobar, Mauro Reina), all of which have a unique and diverse background for our work. Our customers are equally diverse. We will continue to learn from our customers' experience and the fight against insurance companies, and continue to provide representatives of elite lawyers in Austin and Texas.

Established in 2007


Lee, Gover & Amplifier; Reina has a team of experienced and skilled Austin car crash lawyers, who have studied many cases caused by traffic accidents throughout Texas.

We are owned and managed by three partner lawyers. I need a reliable Texas lawyer. They fight to understand what they're doing and protect their rights. We need a lawyer who will continue to fight aggressively to get the right reward for you. The most important thing is that you need a lawyer who is very careful to fight for you, just like to fight for your family.

Robert L.
business owner





I am very grateful to Mr. Gover for the time and care he took me to the legal issues. For many lawyers, my interest would have been as important or worthless as follow. Mr. Gover took some time to work with me. He can't appreciate this company for its thoughtful solutions and options!

12/31/2020 12:30am



Tray Gover fought hard, went up, went up, and obtained amazing details throughout the process. He helped me cope with the traffic violations I felt justified. And the whole process was done quickly, with sincerity and professionalism.

If you want a lawyer who can work hard for you even if you are dishonest, then Tray is better.

01/01/2021 07:17am