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"For the community. For customers only." - The words used to guide corporate slogans and business goals give a true meaning to the view of the word community. Organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Long Center, and Emancipet are actively contributing to the community, and they are also actively contributing to AIDS services in many organizations such as Austin, Austin Children's Center, and are actively engaging non-profit organizations through Austin. We are proud to offer high quality closures and provide customer service as one of our best values.

Established in 2006


We are a Full Service Title Insurance company in Austin, which allows you to ask an expert who is beyond your obligations to have a satisfactory close experience. While Dell's customers receive services and features that include, but are not limited to: housing and commercial real estate transactions experienced escrow and skilled lawyers Advanced document processing experience smooth and timely closure of real estate Local Experience ethical business practice superior customer service The Midtown Office of Independence Title is fully committed to your needs and the community that Dell offers. We understand how difficult the process of buying or selling a house is, and we're putting 100% effort into providing our most important customers with unprecedented Austin title services in Texas.

Douglas has an BA in the Economics Department at the U.S. University and an MBA at Harvard University. 10 years as a management consultant, Renaissance Solutions, later Ernst and Young' The Strategic Advisory Services Group in provided a consulting service for strategy and operations.  Douglas is one of the founding members of the Midtown Office in 2006 and is managing director.

Douglas is a Long Center, Central Texas Advisory Commettee for the North Mont. US University Neighborhood Association, University of Harvard Business School Alumni Association

Douglas P.





Teri and her team at Midtown Independence have joined the title company for the past three years. As a real estate agent, I need to have a reliable team that can help, help, and work without any help. Teri Saraseno is far more than that to do all the transactions we did seamlessly. Even if you don't have to worry about this aspect of trading with many other mobile units, it's really great.

Midtown, thank you for this wonderful continuous service.

12/28/2020 02:28pm



Teri and her team are excellent!

Their team cares and answers carefully to the questions I have asked.

I strongly recommend them if you want easy property trading.

01/03/2021 05:57am



Their service was exceptional. In particular, Teri's team. I am a real estate agent in Los Angeles. This time, I will contact you as a seller. They were impressed with patience and professionalism. There are 1031 replacements done and on time. I strongly recommend them.

12/31/2020 01:17pm



With your hands down, the title of Midtown is amazing!  I love their office, having a wonderful experience with all the relatives who live there.  I strongly recommend their team.

12/30/2020 11:27am



Debbie and Heather are the best! It's very fast, and there's never a title that you don't know how to do it. In many cities in Texas, we close two or three transactions a month, so it's always the same great service. I recommend it!

12/31/2020 10:26pm



Even though we have recently sold our house, these people are amazing!  The seller had to close one day and close another day at the sales department. We had a wonderful experience together. Thank you! Recommended! !

12/27/2020 11:50am



As one of Horizon Realty's Managing Brokers, I've seen many unique and difficult title issues. The title of the Midtown independence is always available to address customer concerns and resolve issues.  I know my customers will be the best people since the fun front manager Lusil calls experienced staff, usually Debbie Hernandez or Heather Brennan. The knowledgeable staff of the Midtown Independence Title is as good as the title industry.

12/25/2020 03:09pm



The staff at the Midtown Independent Championship (especially Michel, Michael and Jennifer) are great! It was very easy to work with, explained the process of closing in detail, and solved the stress of closing. I strongly recommend working in Midtown.

12/31/2020 10:49pm



The experience ended with the Midtown Independence Strategy was great!  I evaluated how well the moving parts of my shopping experience at home worked.  Team Terry had knowledge and familiarity at every stage.  When we closed our shop and had to do something outside the state, the title of Midtown started a mobile signatory that accepted my schedule and the experienced and thorough signing.  Thanks!

12/27/2020 12:09pm



Of the nearly 20 years of real estate investment, Debbie and her team are not hesitant to say that they are the most capable and organized team I've worked with. They have always offered a level of service that is second to none.

01/01/2021 11:24pm