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23 years of civil court experience in the Family Act, Business Act, Consumer and Commercial Recovery, Asset Recovery, Mass Tort Act, and Personal Injury Act

Established in 1992


General Medical Service Law Office.

Mr. Putonti's experience includes civil litigation, family law, business & is included. He was licensed in Texas from 1999, California from 1992 and Colorado from 1995.

The Petit Law Office focuses on its practice in the Family Law, including custody and assistance issues of children, divorce, changes in laws and court orders, and enforcement of laws and court orders. It also collects deals and violates contracts on behalf of individuals and companies.

Stephen P.
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Divorce? Are you looking for a negotiating expert to help with a peaceful divorce agreement or a shark that can cut multiple limbs?  I would like you to stand in court at Stephen M. Putonti and Putonti's law firm. The local family owns it here in Lakeway. Arrangements for parental authority and re-negotiation of the conditions are also really successful. They help their children to be first in both ways. Please keep it before you return it immediately. +1 (512) 954-9620

01/05/2021 12:46am


If any stars are assigned zero or even negative stars..Believe me.

Be careful...Stephen will one day become your friend, then he will deceive you, promise you, and never will come as he says. Then he works with other lawyers for him and his practice.  Steven often plays cards of "family" cards, "church" cards, "I'm here for you" cards.  Stephen said I had the best interests of me and my children, but he didn't show it at all.  Stephen was more interested in increasing his work than in representing me and his children.

I sent several emails to other clients to update my case. He had a hearing with his ex-wife, a lawyer in Travis County Court, and his office asked me to attend the hearing.  When I arrived in Austin (it took me more than three hours to drive), I called Stephen and asked if he wanted to meet before the hearing, and he was confused because he was going to go to a different customer agency.  His office planned my hearing for him and planned to go to the conciliation, but Steven didn't even know about my hearing. I was surprised and obviously he wasn't even ready for my hearing.  

I found that his knowledge of family law is sometimes good and lacking in others (for example, I did not know what Guardian Ad Litem proposed during arbitration).  In addition, Steven thought it would be better to mediate my divorce (I went to the arbitration twice). You have to go once.)  The mediator (the past judge) and I didn't think the second mediation would work, but I listened to Stephen and imagined what?  

The Guardian ad Litem involved in divorce had to ask Stephen to hold a hearing for the children.  Fortunately, with the testimony of the GAL and the parents alone, Stefan asked more than three questions. The testimony of the GAL and the Guardian felt that my ability to achieve a divorce was lacking, and finally I had to "fire" Stefan. She canceled the divorce and decided to divorce at a hearing that did not need to be discussed in order to finalize the divorce.  Stephen may try to believe that a divorce can come true, but he and I know the truth.

Stephen asked me to use my ship as a "trade".  What do you think his secretary-general called him more than five times in two days?  I didn't receive credit for my charge for this "business".

If you want a passive lawyer who speaks a good game, he is your partner.  If you need a good-faith lawyer, look for a lawyer to get the results.

01/05/2021 12:46am


Yes, I found a family lawyer who believes in Grandma.  Stephen Putonti has a heart of gold.  He stands firm against protecting the rights of children.  I like him trying to gently separate his family.  Mr. Steven is very active in the church and is trying to guide teenagers in the right direction.

01/05/2021 12:46am