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12912 Hill Country Blvd Ste F-210 , 78738



23 years of civil court experience in the Family Act, Business Act, Consumer and Commercial Recovery, Asset Recovery, Mass Tort Act, and Personal Injury Act

Established in 1992


General Medical Service Law Office.

Mr. Putonti's experience includes civil litigation, family law, business & is included. He was licensed in Texas from 1999, California from 1992 and Colorado from 1995.

The Petit Law Office focuses on its practice in the Family Law, including custody and assistance issues of children, divorce, changes in laws and court orders, and enforcement of laws and court orders. It also collects deals and violates contracts on behalf of individuals and companies.

Stephen P.
business owner





I've called Mr. Putonti several times, but I don't know what could happen (family relations).  I felt that he really listened.  He answered my questions and told me basic information about what was really necessary.  He introduced me to someone who would help me more.  All things cost nothing.  Thank you.

12/27/2020 10:47pm



Steve is a sincere and caring lawyer.  When it comes to a joke about a lawyer, it's a strange combination.  He has a wonderful experience in many fields, so I trust the opinions of his experts.  He is rare in that he wants to get to know his customers well.  Perhaps the one he cares more than his client is their children.  As a last resort to divorce, he has a variety of ways to help his family have various problems.  I introduced many customers and acquaintances to Steve.  At least by consulting with him before making a major legal decision on the family, you will fulfill your preferences.  I strongly recommend that you meet him.

12/24/2020 08:51pm