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Sarah J. Kelly, Attorney at Law



My goal is to ensure that all individuals with legal problems receive the necessary legal support. I offer a straight bill option at a fixed price that you can buy. You do not need to write a supply invoice at the end of the representative. If you have serious legal problems and are concerned that you have funds to get help, let me work with you. We can arrange something to make each other happy.

I'm not your typical lawyer. My trip to the bar was strange. After learning about biochemistry and gene therapy, I'm not in the lab environment #39; he said. I thought I would be a patent agent so that new inventors could protect their ideas and help them start a business.

I entered an existing intellectual property law firm and enjoyed the work. I decided to get a law degree and become a lawyer. Three and a half years after night study, I got a license. While I was in school, I became more interested in it than the Patent Act, but I was always concentrating on individuals.

However, the company ' The customer was a bigger oil and gas customer than the individual I wanted to be interested in. I quit the company and went to study by myself.

Sarah K.
business owner





Sarah Kelly is a great lawyer and a wonderful person. As regards these two matters, others may say legally mutually exclusive.  When I was at the end of the rope, she helped me to look into my case, and all hope was lost.  Sarah was a gentle, patient, attentive, detailed, fighter.  All qualities required by lawyers.  Good job, Sarah!

12/26/2020 02:36am