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DWI/DUI Attorneys, Release from prison, Prevent Drunk Driving, Protect Marijuana Lawyers Under Control/Possession, Driver License Problems, Theft, State Crimes, Drug Crimes, Heinous Crimes, Deferral, Execution, Execution of Sentences, Sealing of Records, Computer & Internet Crimes

Mary Ann Espirito, who moved to Texas when she was seven, is deeply rooted in Lone Star. She learned the value of hard work from her parents who moved from the Philippines in 1967. The oldest of the three is a master negotiator, a strong leader, who is eager to help his father, who has been studying medicine for 30 years.

Mary Ann grew up in a small town in southeastern Texas. She graduated from Texas University, Austin, with a degree in sociology and graduated from Toledo Law School. She has been licensed to practice in Texas since 2001. After five years in the government, she switched to defense in 2006. For five years at work in the country, she is a country #39; He gave a keen insight into the lawyer's mind. The knowledge is essential to providing customers with the best defense against government crimes.

Mary Ann E.
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a good place to not only get money but also to get money from other places  From here I came to the room when a legal problem arose, and from this I gained a generally reliable atmosphere

12/31/2020 12:44pm



I don't honestly say that it's necessary to use all her services, but I called her more than once to ask for a quick consultation. Maria Espiriz answered my two questions, very polite and kind.  And this office, which quickly got her answer out, helped me with all my questions (simple and quick questions), and the others gave you money to answer anything. If you need a lawyer at any time, Maria Espiriz's law firm is my first hope...

12/29/2020 09:41pm



I didn't get paid services from Mary, but I contacted her company to get in touch with her and she told me exactly who to contact without asking. I couldn't help you, so I appreciate her help instead of driving me away.

12/31/2020 06:01am



I was very satisfied with this service, got a useless traffic ticket, and called the company to find my choice. The Time Advisory examined my options and understood how to approach this case if I wanted to fight. Very useful!

12/25/2020 10:40pm



Mary Ann was very useful. In her telephone consultation, she explained everything to me and told me how she could work on her own to make it cheaper. I was entrusted to her to represent me for everything and the results of my case were much better than I thought. Her height was really useful and reliable. If I need representation again, I'll call Mary Ann.

12/27/2020 09:36pm



I came to Mary for advice on a speeding ticket.

Not only did she reply quickly, but she gave me great advice. Thank you for her reaction!

Thanks, Mary!

12/26/2020 12:10pm



She was an excellent person who called her to quote and received context recognition and advice. Obviously competent and familiar with the legal scene in Austin. would trust the court.

12/26/2020 02:06pm



Reading this, I might have been involved in some trouble recently.  If so, I'll tell you. Mary Ann is definitely the person you want to hire!  

Working with Mary Ann was a wonderful journey.  I've never been involved in any trouble before, and Mary Ann helped me through the hardships.  I was actually reading Yelp's review and noticed her wonderful career so I went with her.

Thanks to Mary Ann, I have a clean background.  She was thorough and informed of the situation.  She is really kind. After first meeting, I was really moved when I explained my case to her.  She can be said to have concentrated on trying to undo this accusation.  The whole experience went smoothly.  She can also make a payment plan, which will help a lot.  

I introduced some friends to Mary Ann. The result always comes forward.  Somehow, Mary Ann always comes up with ways to make sure she's satisfied.  In case I need to introduce someone, she is registered in my address book.  I know for sure that she is trying to be good and I want to make sure that you are happy.

12/29/2020 06:50pm



Mary Anne Espirito has been my personal lawyer for the past six years and I strongly recommend her to those who want legal support. Besides representing me, I always seek out legal expertise. Mary Ann is the first option when you need legal services.

Mary Ann's excellent interpersonal skills, integrity, and confidence promote a confidence environment for customers and everyone involved in the legal system. With professionalism, good understanding of the law, and high bargaining power, Mary Ann makes a great choice to find legal experts to help Austria pass through complex legal systems. As a result, I succeeded in guiding customers in making the best legal decisions so that they could get the best results for customers like me. When Mary Ann represents you, you always get enough information and a representative.

01/02/2021 01:19pm



I hired Mary Ann to undertake the DWI. The situation wasn't good and it took a long time. But Mary Ann was able to get the best results I could. From the beginning, Mary Ann was at the top of her game. She is very concerned about her customers. She is merciful, works hard, delivers exactly what she expects, and quickly sends back calls and emails. What can I ask a lawyer? She is a wonderful lawyer and I don't hesitate to hire her again if I find out that she needs help.

12/26/2020 06:36pm