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Please read the filtered review. No matter what Yelp's automated system is thinking, they come from the real client! We are a boutique law firm working in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our mission is simple. It offers excellent works at an affordable price. Chief lawyer Travis M. Smith accomplishes this by focusing on accessibility, communication, and results. Our main business fields are business formation and establishment, civil suits, criminal suits, family and trust, conciliation, real estate laws, divorce, child rearing, and child rearing. However, we are constantly dividing into new legal fields. If you need legal assistance in a non-public area of the law, please contact a toll-free telephone consultation. If you need legal services, Smith welcomes this opportunity. We offer very reasonable rates and family, including payment plans, and receive most credit cards. To set up an appointment, call or email.

Travis M. Smith is a member of the state bar in Texas and is a lawyer and agent in various legal fields. He is also a REALTOR® and a certified mediator.  Travis earned a degree in law at the University of Texas Law. Travis is a senior graduate of the Austin Mackonbs School of Business at the University of Texas.

Travis had many business and legal jobs before opening Smith. Travis has recently been Philips & This is done in . In Austin, Texas, Phillips. Morgan, Lewis & amp; The Bokius LLP of Joel B, Washington DC, became a priest. At Austin, Texas, PC. Travis also works with many companies, including IBM, Tivoli Systems, and Minyard Food Stores.

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To gain the power of Will and the lawyer, Travis took time to explore all our options. It was no problem for him to explain legal terms in plain English. It is rare in the world of law now. He needed to bring two very nervous people, reassure them and make a legal decision.  We cannot thank him enough for the service he provided.

01/04/2021 09:38pm