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Todd Law Hahm does not handle all types of cases. We are focusing on Eminent Domain/Chauntation and personal injury claims throughout Austin and Texas. By focusing on Dell's operations, you can spend more time and more on each case for better results. From the first day, we will prepare all cases as if they were to be brought to justice. and when it is done in court, we are ready. And if we resolve it by agreement, we can get better results because we are in a strong position.

Established in 1989


Before you talk to your lawyer or sign something, get a free guide to our famous domain or personal injury. After that, talk about your situation and how we can help you.

David Todd was always looking for a poor dog. He went to law school to help a small man get a fair treatment for a big man. David has been a judge since 1989. He started his legal career, defended the criminal case, and managed many criminal jurors. This experience taught us how to present compelling lawsuits to judges and jurymen under difficult circumstances in which they were accused of crimes. His willingness to appeal to trial and experience has played an important role in achieving excellent results in reconciliation and trials since he shifted his focus to representatives of Texas victims and famous domain and blame cases. He still helps the victim to lose by helping powerful insurance companies and landowners reach the government and utilities.

David T.
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I was contacted by a private lawyer to Todd Law Farm after an accident I didn't know how to proceed.   From the first inquiry, I received a candid and careful rating and immediately received a return call with the door open for further work as needed.  I don't think that's the case, but I really appreciate the reaction and attention that came to the end of the process.  If necessary, you are willing to proceed, but it is good to fail.  They provided great complementary information to navigate the process.

12/28/2020 04:18pm



David is knowledgeable. However, he was able to increase his ability to communicate and interact with customers. While my divorce was in haste, he told me that he was too busy to put my case together and asked me to introduce me to another lawyer. A year has passed since I worked with him in my case. Shortly afterwards he separated himself from my case, and informed the council on the other side of me that he was his client. I had to know that he had ceased to be my lawyer before he became his ex-husband, but that was absolutely inappropriate. As I said, he is familiar with the law, but communication requires a job.

12/31/2020 08:35pm



What is libel and libel? There are several options I have to say about this lawyer and his staff.
Todd Law Farm is an honest, accessible and respectable person. He and his staff take time to explain all the details involved in appealing or defending you. They are thorough and thorough  
If you need to file an action or are sued, you must work with an experienced expert. Special praise is given to Laura Jiménez, who guarantees that Todd will keep his promise.
So Todd's law firm puts it in a pipe and sucks it! :)

12/27/2020 07:45pm



No wonder one word praises David Todd. Above all, he is the most professional, talented, dedicated, diligent lawyer, and enjoys the joy of becoming a representative.

In my case, I have suffered from the decision I have to make, but I have been patient and understood. When he sees you, he sees love and suffering taking place inside. The most important thing is to unlock your full potential, and at least to discover some of the most emotionally difficult things in your life.

I expected it when I needed it, but it was also very effective for my consultation in the arbitration and trial. Read his book, watch his video, and learn his personality, insight, and ethics. I'm always grateful for helping David Todd.

12/31/2020 11:53pm



David Todd is an excellent lawyer!  He is considerate of both the law and the customer.  In my case, what looks straight has become difficult and complicated in the relationship of others.  Nevertheless, David has always tried to solve problems as quickly, cleanly, and cheaply as possible.  Despite the delay in the disclosure of information and obstacles caused by the specificity of the law by third parties, David continued persistently until the litigation was settled satisfactorily without incurring costly lawsuits.  In the long and inevitable process, David continued to pursue a satisfactory way to solve my case.  On the way, if I have any questions, concerns, or frustration, David will answer.  He always informed me of the situation in my case.  In that respect, David's staff also had a very knowledgeable and helpful reason to contact David's office.

David is a good professional and a good lawyer for the best of your customers.  I'm very happy to find him when I need legal help.  If you need a lawyer, I recommend David Todd for your personal experience!

01/02/2021 01:28pm